Fifty Shades of SCA

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Hot Again

"I’m hot," I whined, as a fine rivulet of sweat ran its swift trail down my spine.

"It’s always hot," she whispered to me, her tone gently masking her growing aggravation. "Stand up straight."

I straightened my posture, which lasted all of a minute it seemed before I was aching to fidget. “Will this ever end?” I whispered, I thought, under my breath.

She looked at me sharply, her eyes narrowing. It was evident that she had had enough of my complaining.

"It is always hot. You will always be tired. This is a part of what you will do in this role. You will ache, but God help me, I will make you will ache three times as much if you don’t stand up, stop squirming, and silence that tongue, now.”

Another drop of sweat rolled down my back, and I shuddered involuntarily. She leaned into me with outward grace, a false and practiced smile playing upon her lips. I could feel her hot breath in my ear, “I will hear no more of this from you. After all, you were the one who signed us up to retain during Kingdom Court during Pennsic.”

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"No, you must hold it like this!" He said once more, coming up behind me and gently wrapping his hand around mine. 

I’d been struggling with this for what felt like a lifetime. 

"You must hold it lightly, delicately. It’s all in your wrist." His voice was soft in my ear, and sweat ran down my face.

His grip lifted on mine as he gave me full control once more.

"And remember, keep your back foot down on your lunges!"

submitted by linalinabobina

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It Was Very, Very Tight

"Oh!", I gasp as he begins to pull on my waist. "Harder! Harder!", I cry out, begging him not to stop for fear of losing all that progress. It had to be perfect for me. "It’s too tight! I’ll hurt you!", he whimpers, tugging on my hips. but I cast his plea aside. "Harder!", I yell. Finally, we stop, and it’s done. Just what I wanted. "It’s perfect. My new stomacher fits gracefully! It’ll be perfect over my dress!"My new stomacher looks AWESOME! It needs a few adjustments here and there before it's SCA event worthy, but it's all worth it!

Submitted by seiryebosmer.

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I reached down for the rod and touched, lightly, before wrapping my fingers, just so, around its gloriously shiny girth.  I settled my grip, and pulled, ever so slightly, just a test, and felt a wonderful sense of pliability and responsiveness I truly had not expected.  This was a marvelous thing, warm and almost eager for my every touch, vibrating with each tug as I tightened the proper bonds on it.  I gripped the shaft, and inserted it, ever so softly, into the sweet spot, and then I pulled, oh, how I pulled!  The rod drew taut, the tension rose, and at the end of a long slow breath out, the perfect explosive release!

Bullseye at 40 yards.

Submitted by kuandari.

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Thrust Harder


Against my silk dress he thrust his bare rod again and again, panting with the effort. “Harder!” I begged him. “Harder!” Finally, exhausted, he whispered, “Congratulations, my lady. Your rapier armor passes the punch test.”

Submitted by Tibbe

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Ready Now

I had seen his room of pain, and fled from it only weeks ago. Yet, it seemed that part of me longed for it, and desperately wanted to return. It was a new year, after all, and I thought that I might be ready now.

I opened the door and went it. My inner Boadicea squealed with joy. “Calm down,” I told her, “We haven’t committed to this yet.”

I carefully touched the implements one by one. Some were heavy, some lighter. Some squishy, others hard. I fingered the thick rope hanging from the ceiling in wonder.

Was I ready? Was it time for me to begin my training? Could I handle it?

"Sure," I decided. "I am ready. Let’s start my training, Boadicea."

I breathed hard, and looked around, carefully deciding where I would begin…

“War camp is coming, and really, it’s not every day you date a guy with a private gym.”

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Do You Ever Listen

He looked at me with exasperation, “I have corrected you on this matter at least four times. Do you even listen to what I say when we talk?” His voice was rough, his anger barely contained beneath a forced calm.

"Um, of course," I muttered, "but…" I hesitated, breathing deeply. "But for you this is all normal, and for me it’s very new, so cut me some slack, ok?"

He inhaled sharply. His voice softened. “Ah, mon ami, yes, you are new to this. It is easy for me to forget.”

He paused for a moment and gathered his composure, “Let me explain once again to you the difference between the music of the troubadours and the trouveres…”

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She had corrected my position again.  I shifted to what was expected, feeling the burn in my shoulders and arms.  I didn’t know how much longer I could do this.  

"You are beautiful," she said.  "Remember that you are beautiful."

I didn’t feel beautiful or graceful.  But I tried to fake it even as I wondered “When will this harp lesson end?”“

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I’d been kneeling for what seemed like forever.  I longed for a glass of iced water, but I dared not move or speak.  Sweat poured down my body, and I felt a bit faint.  Yet my inner goddess was filled with joyful anticipation of entwining with her.  

Finally, I was allowed to rise.  When I took her into my arms I held her close and whispered, “You are my Peer, and I am so happy for you.”  Then I let the next person greet her, as I walked away happy … and grateful that Pennsic Court was nearly over. 

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Pell Work

It was cold outside but it quickly heated up. His hand encompassed mine as I firmly grasped his stiff rod. He placed his other hand on my hip and began moving my body into new positions I had never known. I worked the rod, amazed at how strong and firm his hands were on my body. My breath quickened with every caress, every thrust, every breath I felt on my neck.

I’ll never turn down a chance to practice my strokes and hits on his pell.

Submitted by sticthmyheart

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Rope work

I tie the knots and check the tension, she moans a bit as I move around checking each one. She is becoming ever more impatient. I’m glad she bought me the knot tying book last Christmas it has helped me all year with our monthly ritual. It was written for sailors but works for this situation as well. Preparing for what is next requires that they remain taught.

Estrella is 925 miles away and we don’t want anything falling off the roof of the SUV…..

Submitted by Lord Duncan McVryce CML

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Cold, Hard Ground

He woke up, disoriented, laying on the cold hard ground, stiff, unable to move. He closed his eyes hoping the spinning would stop.  What on earth had he agreed to last night?  With great effort he slowly sat up and looked around.  His air mattress was flat.  Dash it All! He had fallen asleep with his chain mail shirt….again. No more Pirate Rum for him!

Submitted by Roselinda Inaninnagain

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I touched the top of it lightly. It felt, papery, almost, which surprised me. It was also cool, which seemed at odds with its texture, though I hadn’t really known what to expect. I had thought it would be more … sticky.

Growing confident, I grasped it firmly between two fingers, keep the rest of my hand out of the way as I brought it to my mouth.

As my lips closed around it, the stickiness I had been anticipating began down my fingers and I moaned with astonished delight at its sweetness…

My god, home-made baklava WAS as good as I was told it would be!

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Hold Still

"Ow! You’re hurting me!" I gasped and tried to move out from under his hands.  

"Shut up, you knew exactly what you were signing up for when you agreed to this. And you better hold still, or it’ll hurt even more," he replied, his hands moving along my sides and waist as he pricked me again, and again. 

And to think…this was only first of three scheduled fitting sessions for my new gown.

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Entranced Beating

All other thoughts fell away.  I felt the power in every pounding beat as skin struck taut, smooth skin. Together, bonded in a rhythm echoed by our very heartbeats, every movement evoked an immediate response be it a deep firm stroke, a stinging tap, a series of rapid slaps, even the merest flick of a finger. The intensity built and I gloried in it, sparks of light and swirls of bright color flying before me… and then it was over, the crest reached, subsided, gone…

Sweat pored off me and I cradled the object that had the ability to torture me with hours of painful frustration only to later reward me with these trances of ecstatic pleasure.  I watched the dancers take their bows as I rested my stinging palm on the goatskin head of my instrument and wondered as I always did how on earth I’d ever gotten started playing the doumbek.

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